Monday, August 07, 2006

The charm of 786

7 August 2006

Many of us remember the number 786 etched on the miraculous insignia that saved Amitabh Bachhan's life in that definitive cinematic achievement called Deewar. The insignia, Billa no. 786, was seen again in Coolie, another Bachhan starrer. When the date reads 7/8/6 something as magical as the movie or as block-busting as the Big B himself is sure to tantalise our appetites for bliss. Bachhan's magic and human penchant for fetish combine to give us a great metaphysical succor. Muslim scholars may continue the debate weather the number itself is authentic, and hence blessed, or not, the population on the subcontinent, Muslim and non-Muslim alike stays mesmerised with the number. There are people, we've heard, who have made it a minor goal of their lives to collect currency notes whose numbers end with 786. Lakshmi bearing the mark of Bismillah is certainly a good omen; paisa, somehow, becomes more permanent. Its purchasing power remains the same but its significance is not in the mundane, material, monetary value. It becomes a spiritual sign.

The charm of the date however is countered by the day; MONDAY. Monday morning blues almost faze out the confidence the date conjures. Mondayne morning versus blessed Bismillah.

Notwithstanding the meanings we ascribe to it, hope this day inspires us to make new, non-mundane beginnings!