Friday, December 08, 2006

"Bachelors, it's your call now."

Bhartesh wanted to know if I am on Orkut. Of course I am, though I still have to gauge its utility. He said he didn't find me when he made a search. "Your location is Chandigarh, right?" "I guess so." I logged in to see if it was. It was. However, there was one change that was needed to be made in the profile.

In fact I had been wondering how would I declare it here, in the cyber world. But it wasn't much of an issue. Jesse had announced it long before I got the chance to proclaim that I am married. So I am not exactly breaking news in the virtual world. But still ...

Pooja and I got married on September 28, 2006 in a civil ceremony.

As I clicked on the radio-button preceding "Married," I did feel a tinge of nostalgia.

But before you read too much into the signifier let me put on record my two months ten days old experience: "The mystery of marriage far outweighs the brouhaha, the bravado and even the blessings of bachelorhood"

So when you hear it said: "Its not good for man to be alone" Pay heed. That's God speaking!

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