Sunday, June 08, 2008

French Open 2008 Men's Final

Nadal and Federer are into the second set of the French Open final. Nadal is leading 2 games to 1. He absolutely destroyed Federer in the first set; Fedex lost 6-1. That's not the kind of match I had expected. And right now with a drop shot Federer levelled it at 2-2. Everyone cheered for him for just holding his serve! Federer lost his first service game in this set. He managed to break Nadal's later. I wonder if this is going to be Roger Federer's most humiliating finals defeat ever!
This is an interesting coverage. Apart from the two gentlemen sweating it out in the middle--it was cloudy to begin with, sun has just come out--there are two women whose nervous selves are frequently showcased by the camera. Mirka is one. Who is the other one? Nadal's best-kept secret? Nadal goes ahead 3-2. Federer serving. He's got to 30-0 easily. Is this a sign of a revival? Rafa returned a powerful forehand. No chance for Roger to even move. 30-15. Roger's girl Mirka looking at the floor. Caressing her brows. Her prayers are answered. Scores level 3-3.
Federer is hitting the ball into the net too often. He is having to work hard. There's another long one. Nadal leading 30-15. It goes to 40-40. Federer had the advantage. He hits it in the net. Again. It's 40-40. Now avantage Nadal. 4-3, Nadal holds. Federer gives it to the net. 15-15. Federer tries different thing. Comes closer to net. Nadal hits another powerful forehand. 30-40. Avantage Nadal. Federer must be nervous. He runs close to the net. Rafa hits it long. Federer finds the net AGAIN. Avantage Nadal. Everyone is clapping, cheering Fedex up. Merci. Federer makes it 40-40. Commentator says "Well done, again" Everyone is so desperate for him. He is desperate himself. Finds the net again and screams. Wipes some sweat off. Nadal moves quickly and doesn't let go of the advantage. Deep volley and Rafa breaks the serve. Nadal serving for the set. 5-3. A very long rally at 15-0. Nadal gets more and more precise with each shot. 30-0 for Nadal. Another long rally before Federer tries something cute. Plays it with soft hands and deposits the ball in the net. 40-15. Rafa gets first two sets. 6-1, 6-3.
I gotta go! Have an errand. Will miss the moment when Nadal equals Borg's record!


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