Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In Laboratory of Emotions

Scientist-cum-poet Laltu rhymes it for the common man

It was, but natural, for him to turn to poetry one day. “Every Banglaspeaking has to write a poem once in life,“ says Calcutta-born poet Dr Harjinder Singh. He was in City to attend a discussion on his poetry, organised by Sahit Chintan on Sunday.
Laltu, as he is fondly known among friends and acquaintances, earlier taught Chemistry at Panjab University and is at present teaching at the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad.
Poetry, says Laltu, is an important part of Bangla culture. He, whose thoughts first found the shape of poetry in high school, has come out with a third collection of his poems, Log Hi Chunenge Rang. “They are about our times, issues concerning us, on my understanding of women,“ he says of the anthology. “They are about as I see things, and poetry has to say what the poet feels,“ he adds.
Laltu's creative instincts aren't just limited to poetry, there's story writing, translations and yes, his famous blog – Aayeeae haath uthayein hum bhi. The blog is replete with musings, published poetry and issues of concern, from Binayak Sen to his latest post on death penalty, which he says is against his principles. When Laltu began blogging, way back in November 2004, not many people were using the medium. For Laltu, it was filling the gaps between poetry and story writing, things that did not have a platform to be said. “It was for things we can't say and don't say,“ he says. Discussing Laltu Renowned literary critic Manager Pandey spoke on Laltu's poetry and short stories at the discussion organised by Sahit Chintan at Pracheen Kala Kendra, Sector 35, on Sunday. He said, “Laltu's poem reflect urge for democracy, honesty and open commitment for the downtrodden.“ This was followed by a question-answer session, in which academicians NK Oberoi, Akshay Kumar, Prem Singh, Manjit Singh and theatreperson Shabdeesh participated. Earlier, Satyapal Sehgal, professor of Hindi at PU, introduced Manager Pandey and Laltu.
(Story by Sarika Sharma that appeared today in Hindustan Times' HT City, Chandigarh)


mohit mittal said...

Dear ashish
i m reading your blog after a long time. and u too posted after a long gap. anyways, thnx you wrote about laltu saab. sunil bhaiya has told me about him many a times. his blog has always been very close to my heart. it would be an experience to read his new poetry.
keep posting...

satyapal said...

यह आप ने अच्छा किया इस पोस्ट को यहाँ डाल कर.....लिखते रहो प्यारे....! जोदी तोरे डाक सुने कोई न आबे तो एकला चलो रे ....

Hindi alumni pu ( Remember.....? )

C++Urdu said...

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Shahana said...

Nice to know about him.

nishu said...


he is actually fabulous and it is an amazing experience to be with such a person. sir, you are one of the luckiest pepole.
your company has given us this opportunity too. thanx... . a candle lighted by Laltu sir in literary week 2005 is still burning and memories of your inspiration also motivate to carry on with it.
thank you sir

nishu kaushal