Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten. X. 10

It has to be a perfect day. The eldest son of my eldest sister turns 11 on this 10th — the first of the third generation in our immediate family. And even though he is now living thousands of miles away, it didn't stop his nani to cook some gurh wale chawal. He is supposed to be getting some kind of a video game but I am sure he will miss this grandma special for the dessert.

I could not cook up something as original or delicious as this. But at the back of my mind were some verses by Nissim Ezekiel. He wrote 14 short "blessings" that I wanted this growing boy now living in England to read.

One my most favourites from among the 14 is this one:

Be drunk, occasionally,
but not with gin
or whiskey. May the Lord
use you up for ends
beyond your means,
so you know what drunkenness
really means. 

And it is also a Sunday. The day of rest. The day of meditating on being "drunk". The day of the dessert. It is 10/10/10.


Pooja Sharma Rao said...

good wishes to the birthday boy and the whole family !

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