Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to reading ways

After a long hiatus I have resumed my reading. These are a few books that I recently finished. The first one is biography of a Marathi poet-reformer written by J. C. Winslow and the next three are novels by Japanese writer Shusaku Endo:

1. Builders of Modern India: Narayan Vaman Tilak
2. Scandal
3. Deep River
4. Silence

Apart from that I have read a couple of short stories by Laltu. The first one is "Jab Brazil Mein Suraj Sir Par Tha" (When the Sun was Overhead in Brazil) and second is"Nitai Bhikhmanga, Premika Aur Kavita Ek Maut Ki" (Begger Nitai, Lover and Poem of a Death)

Both of these stories by Laltu have a male narrator, in the first one he is a narrator proper, while in the latter he is writing a letter. The stories are a richly complex mix of a male yearning for meaning, a dream of social equity and longing for the woman increasingly drifting apart. Both the stories are a fascinating study of educated middle class urban male who has excelled in academics with tenacity, overcoming crippling effects of economic disadvantages and who has nurtured a vision of social transformation. A host of Indian men are cast in this mould. There are so many of them, who have gained higher education, dream of change, so many of them have found that it is not easy as the structures of inequality and exploitation have percolated very consciousness of our nation. And so many of them cannot let go of the dream either. Fighting personal problems, relationship issues and professional disappointments so many still want that dream transformed into concrete reality.


Sunil Aggarwal said...

कैसे हो आशीष
बहुत दिनों बाद तुम्हारी खबर तुम्हारे ब्लोग से मिली। लल्लन ने भी थोडा सा बताया। ख़ुशी हुई । तुम्हारे लिखे लेख पढ़ रह था। हिंदी फिल्मों के गीत भी पढे। आजकल गाने सुन कर ऐसा लगता था कि उसमे शब्दों जैसा कुछ भी नहीं होता है। तुमने याद दिला दिया कि वो असल में गाने कविताओं का ही रुप होते हैं। तुम्हारी कुछ और कविताओं को पढना चाहूंगा अगर हो सके। अपनी एक ताज़ा तस्वीर भी अगर लगा सको तो बढिया लगेगा। तुम तो अच्छे -खासे सुंदर आदमी हो , सूरत ही ठीक से दिखा दो , इतने सालों बाद। मुझसे मिलना हो तो 'घर में हो' पर आ जाना।

सुनील , लुधिआना

Jai, Aarti & Arjun said...


I noticed that you are reading about Tilak and some works of Endo. I read Deep River, wow... that was quite a book. I am quite a student of Tilak. How did you hear about both Tilak and Endo.