Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Horrors of this day!

This morning I was awakened to the insidiousness of June 6, 2006 by a mail. A friend of mine had sent the story she has done for the IANS, recounting the rumours and popular perception about what this date signify.

Removing the zeroes and separaters (/,-,.) 06/06/06/ reads 666. Now the biblical reference to the number has demonic underpinnings. This is a mark of the devil.

I went to the cabin of the principal of my Bible College and asked him what was his take on this. Reclining back on his chair (he covers the entire length of his cabin when he does that with his hands folded behind his head) he said, "I have no take on it" and added "In these matters I'm a scientist."

I came back to my corner to muse on it. But before long I was back in his cabin, and this time we got into talking the serious issues of interpreting apocalyptic literature in the Bible. In fact after I returned to my cabin Nick, my principal came to my cabin and we continued talking about the related issues. The technical nature of the info that I got cannot be repeated here (as quite a bit went over my head too), but let me write what I think of 06 June 2006 AD .

The superstitious would exaggerate mysterious appearance of any phenomenon; making it extremely evil or extremely ecstatic. The rest of us can carry on our daily vocations encountering simple joys and manageable tragedies, knowing that AD means Year of the Lord.

He's got this day in His hands!

(The story is on http://www.ians.in/ titled On Tuesday, Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobics beware! However it is open only to the subscribers)

By the way, my mentor had 666 as the first three digits of his phone number. What effect has that had on our conversations? I wonder!

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Anonymous said...

We cannot evade the past as a continuation to what the present is...what is more interesting is how it shapes itself in the present.6/6/6 has its own peculiarity ...a demoniac or apocalyptic past oblivious to most.But is it anyway different from what it has been and how do we see ourselves as apart of it.To me the day was like any other mechanical beginning ...but gradually it had progressed itself towards a beautiful evening [otherwise painful]to be shared with some ...though there is no 'heroism' to be proud of yet i can feel a passion in continuing despite all odds and the 'ghosts' keep lurking at the backdrop of my mind while i am in my cozy confines.....