Monday, January 23, 2012

ALL-ROUND JUSTICE: The Call of the Master

I chose Isaiah 42:1-9 as the text for my sermon at the Chandigarh Bible Fellowship this morning. I came back with the feeling that perhaps more than anyone else, the Word spoke to me. The primary "task" of the Servant, about whom the text speaks, is to establish justice. The word justice is repeated three times in the first four verses. It is clearly a concern close to God's heart. Right now the state of Punjab is gearing up for assembly elections due next month. The candidates are going at it with hammer and tongs. They can't seem to wait to serve the state and its people. Now, politicians are meant to be servants of the people and work towards justice. But, then, who believes them? There are reports that the prime minister's rally in Amritsar today was poorly attended. Politics and politicians, at least for the time being, have lost all credibility. Now when I spoke to the congregation about the text, it hit me rather strongly, that as far as the issues of justice are concerned, the Church must wrest the responsibility. It's the church's primary task: to ensure justice being done in all aspects of our personal and corporate lives. Don't leave it to the government alone. The Church must take charge. It should not continue to feel and behave like a victim but stand up for justice for all, like it's Lord and Master did. This minor change in perspective is nothing short of a paradigm shift.