Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nostalgic teacher!

Time: 4:07 PM

The archives of my teaching days in colleges and the university are already beginning to get dusty! Or so I thought until this morning when Bhartesh called me to wish Happy Teacher's Day. The first one to do so. Then as I reached my Bible college and we began the worship, Muskaan's sms came :-)

At 10:30 Pritika called. Besides the felicitations we talked about poetry scene in Bombay and in the North. Then Nishu came out of her self-imposed exile to pamper her haggard pedagogue.

That wasn't all ... Muskaan has sent an e-card with some terrifically flattering lines...

And if you know Muskaan, she wasn't finished yet ... there was a bouquet waiting for me as I went home to lunch. WOW! Chennai and Chandigarh are not exactly twin-cities ... Thanks!!

Akshiptika a former student of mine studying Sociology in JNU sent another lovely sms. She amazes me.

In the Bible college Rashmi Ranjan was the first one to shake hands with me. Isha, Rajkumar and Naveen followed. Anil caught me on the stairs. My collegues Sampath and Aying reaffirmed our collective calling as we wished Happy Teachers day to each other.

Gursheek, my dear friend and a former collegue was the latest one to wish me.

Thank you all!

Time: 11:51 PM

I reached home at 10:45. There's another bouquet waiting for me. From Bhartesh and guess who ... Muskaan.